Our Strategy

Policy Analysis Center has a simple strategy to defend the nation against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

We will educate the general public on the critical issues of the day.

We will lobby on behalf of ideas that seek to enhance individual liberty and limit the size of government.

We will use the courts to litigate against laws that infringe upon American’s Constitutional freedoms.

We will mobilize the public through national polling, petition drives and letter-writing campaigns whenever the government seeks to infringe upon the rights of the people, and

We will fund* our efforts solely from the contributions and gifts we receive from individual donors.

We shall refuse any support from multinational corporations, foreign interests or any branch of government in order to remain totally independent, ignoring the special interests and reserving all of our efforts for the benefit of all Americans.


* Policy Analysis Center is an all-volunteer organization.  No salaries. No perks, No fancy offices on K Street in Washington, DC.  This means that every penny goes directly into our educational efforts and our litigation in defense of individual liberty.