Our Mission

The America that you and I grew up in has changed dramatically over the last decade.

Where once the Republican Party stood for the rule of law, secure borders, fiscal responsibility, limited government, the right of privacy and a strong national defense, today’s Republicans condone trillion dollar budgets and taxpayer bail outs of businesses that deserve prosecution.   They ignore the Constitution as they sign off on torture; rendition; warrantless searches and seizures; and even support wars of aggression against nations that pose no threat to us.

Likewise, the Democratic Party, once thought to be the staunch defenders of working Americans and equal opportunity for all, appears to be more interested in giving away jobs, privilege and opportunity to illegal aliens rather than America’s unemployed or underemployed working men and women.

What is going on? Have both parties lost their way? Has greed and self interest so corrupted them that they no longer represent their political bases? The rise of groups like the Tea Party on the right and Occupy Wall Street on the left would indicate that our political parties are out of touch with their core constituencies.

Policy Analysis Center was established by citizens who, like America’s Second President, John Adams, fear that political parties and corruption in high places could be the ruination of America.  Where once, Americans sought a middle ground that would serve the best interests of all the people, today, the only voices heard are those of the extremes, both left and right.

We believe there is a better path and, no, we are not talking about some kind of squishy compromise, but a return to those ideals that made America the greatest nation on earth.  What ideals are these? Those that are embodied in our Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution, the same documents that our politicians and our judges routinely ignore.

With your help, it’s going to stop! Policy Analysis Center is fortunate to have some of the best and brightest attorneys at its disposal. And we are not beholding to any party, business, foundation or branch of government – meaning we are free to represent the best interests of all Americans.

Thank you for visiting my website.  If you like what you see, tell your friends.  Not looking for any contributions.  Just trying to save my country for the next generation.  If you’d like to submit an article, send it to policyhq@gmail.com.

Our website is www.paconline.org 

Edward Nelson