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We really need your financial support right now because we are battling on multiple fronts.  From ongoing investigations and litigation ranging from investigating and filing testimony with Congress regarding the harassment of advocacy and educational organizations by  the IRS, to our investigations to determine if the NSA and other federal agencies have overstepped their legal authority by accumulating information on Americans that has nothing whatever to do with “keeping America safe,” Policy Analysis Center is working hard to defend the rights and liberties all Americans cherish.

If you share our concerns that the federal government is routinely abusing the rights and liberties of citizens as it grasps for ever more power, then we need your support now.

There is no magic number that you are expected to give. Donate only what you can safely afford to give, whether that amount is $5, $50 or $1000. Please note that all gifts are fully tax-deductible for federal income tax purposes. Thank you!

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Wills & Bequests

Policy Analysis Center has received numerous inquiries from our supporters asking us how they can put Policy Analysis Center in their will or estate plans.

Here are some sample instructions to share with your adviser or attorney:

I give, devise and bequeath to Policy Analysis Center (tax ID # 54-1754383),
a non-profit, corporation in Vienna, Virginia:
A. The sum of $_________; or
B. _________ percent of my estate; or
C. Residue. I give my Residue to:

Policy Analysis Center
370 Maple Ave. W, Ste 4
Vienna, VA 22180

For more information, please email us at:  or call us at 202-464-3130.

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